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Assisting individuals in their efforts to improve their lives and
the lives of their loved ones through their pursuit of education and knowledge

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Lavoro Education Services is a customer service organization with a primary focus to increase access to high quality postsecondary education for prospective students. Our Mission is to assist individuals in their efforts to improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones through the pursuit of education and knowledge. In our efforts to execute on our mission, we offer a variety of services to corporations, postsecondary institutions and individuals that are geared to remove barriers and obstacles to life changing educational opportunities.

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At Lavoro, we believe in strong customer service. By combining the deep experience of our talented team with strong processes and a desire to help people improve their lives, we have created best-in class services:


post-secondary institutions

Business Process Outsourcing and Enrollment Services

In a world where employer skill demands are changing so rapidly and education budgets are ever-tightening, it’s difficult for schools to invest precious resources to advance their institutional missions. Lavoro has the expertise and resources to help postsecondary institutions offer in-demand programs with minimal investment.


It is increasingly difficult for colleges to develop and maintain relevant, engaging, and up-to-date content in a cost-effective manner. At Lavoro, we have established, efficient and proven curriculum content for several in-demand disciplines...


Employee Benefit and Management Training Programs: In today’s workforce, the competition for talent is an ever-increasing battle.  This is especially true for many positions that don’t require a degree. Further, employers with a material component of their employees in roles that do not require a postsecondary credential experience the high costs of hiring and training as a result of excessively high turnover in these positions. In conjunction with our education partners, Lavoro has developed an innovative employee benefit and management training program designed to improve hiring efficiency, reduce employee turnover and lower recruiting and training costs.


Balancing a job, family, and life commitments make obtaining the skills and postsecondary credential required to advance your career an almost insurmountable challenge.  At Lavoro, we have partnered with industry leading corporations to offer their employees a unique educational benefit program that provides you with the opportunity to pursue an accredited degree program at minimal to no out of pocket cost to you or your family. Additionally, this program recognizes the demands on your life as a working adult and is designed to provide you with the support and services you need to be successful in your educational pursuits. Our primary goal is to assist you in securing the education and knowledge you need to advance your career, all without incurring unnecessary expense and burdensome educational.


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our team

Balancing the myriad of challenges facing post-secondary institutions requires broad and deep experience. Lavoro has assembled an experienced and talented team with a true passion for helping people improve their lives through the pursuit of higher education. The collective team has over 100 years of experience in education with skills in:

  • School Governance and Administration
  • Academic Support
  • Curriculum Development
  • Marketing and Recruiting
  • Compliance
  • Operations (on premise and online)
  • Technology and Cloud Operations
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Thomas Snyder

Chairman & Chief Development Officer

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Martin Van Buren

Martin Van Buren

President & Chief Operating Officer

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Jill Minnick

Chief Marketing Officer

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Michael Holtman

Sr. Vice President, Student Support Services

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Shantanu Phadnis

Sr. Vice President, Learning Solutions

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why lavoro?

Lavoro has assembled a deep, cross-functional team that can help post-secondary education institutions and corporations facing high-turnover with their non-degreed workers address their most important challenges. Our experienced professionals, have demonstrated expertise in providing a best in class student experience at every stage of the student lifecycle. Helping students obtain a quality education that will help them advance their career and provide for their loved ones is our passion!

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